Feeling Lost? Let’s hope not!

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With more people enjoying the countryside and nature in the past year. It’s so important to be prepared for what the outdoors can throw at you!

We can have the best walking boots, good all weather gear, stay hydrated and fed. We may even have the best App on our phone to get us round the route we have planned.

What is the fun in just following a line on a map and haven’t a clue on where you are or how far to the next point. Will it be steep or will my feet get wet if I walk across here?

That is why you need some navigation skills to read a map and it could save your life or someone elses! We follow CRO (Cave Rescue Organisation – Mountain Rescue) based in Clapham who post on social medias from time to time the call outs they recieve and some could have been avoided, it can be wild out there in our Yorkshire Dales.

Sounds dramatic but it can be fun to learn and why not use one of our local contacts to show you the way (no pun intended)

Jo Wolf (Wolftracks) is based in Settle and is highley recommended for some tution in navigation – check out her details 

If you simply don’t want a lesson in navigation and just want a guide for your walk, maybe you are taking on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, or a simple local walk at your pace with local knowedge and friendly chat. Check out the guided walks

If Jo at Wolftracks can’t fit you in, there is another alternative which we would recommend you give Jonathan at Where2Walk a call or check out his website. He is based in the next village and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Yorkshire Dales, Forest of Bowland ANOB  and the Lakes. He has written guide books which we have a copy of Dales 30 and regular tweeter @Where2Walk worth a follow to give you inspiration.

If you can give us a mention to either of our contacts at the time of booking with them we would really appreciate this. Thank you.

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