Pets policy

pets welcome

We have converted our ground floor bedroom ‘Black Sheep’ to accommodate ‘well-behaved’ pets.

Charge of £5 per Pet per night with a maximum of 2 Pets. This can be added to your booking when you reserve this room, this ensures your pet has a nice dog bed & water / feed bowls and even a towel!

Please ask for further details by clicking here to drop us an email or give us a call on:
01729 268 152

Please be aware that dogs are not allowed to be left alone whilst the dog’s owners are out of the building. Refer to our “Eating Out” section within the “Food” page for all dog friendly eateries

Also we do not allow dogs into the dining room, they must be left in the bedroom or car whilst their owners have breakfast. Please be confident that this will not cause distress to the dog.