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Wondering where to stay in the Dales that is bike friendly – this is it.

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Chris and Jackie have been keen cyclists for the past 25 years + and together have ridden both Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes all over the UK and other parts of the world.

We may be biased, but we think the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland AONB right here on our doorstep is world class!

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Tour de Yorkshire 2016

Tour de Yorkshire 2016 Finish Line in Settle

Cycle Routes and Maps

From right here in the centre of town you can ride some of the iconic roads  the area has to offer, we offer free advise on any route, long or short. Flat (ish) or hilly. Off Road (Single-track, natural or trail) Road and touring. Since living here in Settle from 2012 we are pretty much are experts!

You may wish to set your own routes using 3rd Party apps like Strava, Ride with GPS and Koomot featuring the epic’s which are accessible from our guest house

Some of the Top 100 Climbs are accessible to ride from the house, Cove Road in out of Malham, Cross of Greet near Slaidburn, Fleet Moss from Hawes – although not in the 100 – the cheeky High Hill out of Settle (locally known as “IF-Hill “) ! is a must :)

If climbing is not your thing then there are more gentle gradients, the River Ribble is a feature of the area so not too much gradient there!

So we are more than happy to share our rides we have done on roads and trails, we have picked out a selection off our large collection from Strava since 2016 ever growing catalogue of rides. We have also downloaded the ride in the form of GPX should you not have his app, just contact us.

The timings/effort are based on a fairly fit (regular cyclist) middle aged man – aka Chris! Add about 5% Longer for Jackie as she is slower but with the same level of fitness. Both have the similar level of Skills with Mountain Bike i.e. Techy descents/climbs and for the Tarmac road riding.

Bike / Cycle Rental and Maintenance

If you are not able to bring your own bike why not contact our local bike shop, here in the centre of townRental and Sales

Also E-Bike Deals & News on Way of the Roses Route check out  SAVVY CYCLING

Bike / Cycle Storage and Bike Cleaning

We also have a range of Bike Tools, Bike Stand, Track Pump you can borrow. Also Outside tap with hose and cleaning brushes you can also use. For you a place to dry your kit should that be necessary! We can wash/dry clothing gear at a nominal price if required. Lastly your bike will be safe inside our house, secured in the Cellar. Unfortunately a tandem bike will have to be locked up outside, out of sight, due to the stairs location in the Cellar.        E-Bikes: You are welcome to charge batteries in the bedroom if removed from the bike before storage

Road Riding

Please note this is a new feature to our website so will change as and when we update/improve  and All the loops featured can be ridden (and we do in the opposite direction, to find log onto Strava and find my profile or simply ask via email or when you are here.

Length / Time (Listed by Shortest first)

This Clapham Clockwise ride offers great views two of Yorkshire famous peaks, Pen Y Ghent and Ingleborugh together with limestone outcrops near Wharf and Austwick. Rolling hills with only a few shorter steepish sections. With the a lovely descent back to Settle on quite lanes and the nice village of Austwick if you want to stop off at the Pub (Hotel) or Village shop alternatively wait to the end for the 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe

This Malham/Stainforth loop starts straight up! The high hill out of Settle with amazing views back over the town and beyond (including The Lakes) Awesome Limestone outcrop features of Attermire Scar. You pass over the river that feeds Scalebar force waterfall about 2 miles in. Easy access to get off your bike and have a look (in a woodland feature) The road does level off a bit after the inital steep gradient, and then the long decent into the pretty village of Kirby Malham. The honeypot that is Malham Village is very popular with tourists visiting The Cove, so there are a few cafes and pubs should you wish. This route takes you up the famous Cove road and with amazing view of the amphitheater looking rock in front of you – something to keep you focus off the climb! Then at the top you have nearly done all the hard work there are a couple of kickers up on the lanes back down to the village of Stainforth. Where there’s another pub and cafe by the campsite. The back lane into Settle leads you to the 3 Peaks bike shop and cafe.

This Wham / Wigglesworth / Airton Loop takes you out over the A65 road to a small gated road with a few fairly gentle climbs, lovely views down onto Rathmell bottoms (wetland area) with River Ribble running through it. Looking back on the imposing view of Pen Y Ghent. More gated roads until you reach Wigglesworth, generally OK tarmac with a few pot holes and narrow blind bends. Small lanes take you onto the A682 for a short distance, Hellifield is you first option for a Cafe or Pub Stop before another lovely small lane to Airton where the is a small diversion to the Farm Shop and Cafe (Closed on Monday) – Cyclist Friendly even the Brownlee brothers have been spotted there! Then your longest climb of the ride out of this village back to High Hill but the views of Attermire Scar Limestone and the far reaching views are fab. Possible stop as you pass over the river that feeds Scalebar force waterfall about 2 miles from the end. Easy access to get off your bike and have a look (in a woodland feature) Then the steep descent back to Settle and the 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe

This ride Near Ingleton Loop offers great views two of Yorkshire famous peaks, Pen Y Ghent and Ingleborugh together with limestone outcrops near Wharf and Austwick. Rolling hills with only a few shorter steepish sections. With the a lovely descent back to Settle on quite lanes and the nice village of Austwick if you want to stop off at the Pub (Hotel) or Village shop alternatively wait to the end and visit 3 Peaks Bike shop and cafe.

This Littondale loop is one of our Favourites, but it does come with some cheeky climbs (No:48!) is the first out of Lancliffe towards Malham Tarn view. The second steep accent will be before Arncliffe but the views along this valley make up for the effort on smooth tarmac. Possible Pub stops in Arncliffe or Litton and a nice flat section along Littondale to Halton Gill with possible Katies Cuppas pit stop before another cheeky climb with views of Pen Y Ghent to head for. Rewarded with a long descent back to Stainforth (another couple of possible refreshments at the Pub there or Campsite with great cafe. Before heading back to Settle which has 3 Peaks bike shop and cafe!

This Bolton by Bowland / Keasden Hill loop sets off with a flat section to warm the legs up past the hamlet of Rathmell and then Wigglesworth. The imposing views of Pendle hill in the distance as you reach Bolton by Bowland (Pub option) and cafe near a garden centre just outside the village. The first real climb is on a quiet lane and then you start to see the Forest of Bowland AONB with the Stocks Reservoir in front of you. The next section is the longest climb and passes the Gisburn Forest MTB trails at Stephen’s Car Park (providing the tarmac is OK you can go down this as an option to visit the cafe there) Otherwise continue along (short rough section of tarmac just after this point) but improves well to bring you up to the top of Knotteranum Hill in all its wildness. There is bound to be some “wind” either pushing you down the very long descent or across! Be careful as this can be popular route with tourists on motorcycles or the odd courier van. But nothing to worry about. Not much farm traffic but the odd sheep! You will get amazing views of Yorkshire’s famous 3 Peaks – Pen Y Ghent in the distance and the nearest one the Flat topped Ingleborough and tucked behind it the biggest in Whernside. On reaching the village of Clapham with it’s Community Shop and Pub/Cafe’s. The route has now joined the Way of the Roses sustrans route 68 and treats you to the classic dry stone walled lanes what the Yorkshire Dales is famous for. Lovely long descent (with a few bumps! of course) back into Settle for the 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe

This Eldroth Wray Ingelton Clapham Loop crosses over the A65 to lovely lanes through Eldorth and then join the Way of the Roses route 68 that’s heading for Morecombe for a short way before heading to the moorland views and passing the “Great Stone of Fourstones” The next section is a hidden Gem before the village of Wray (apart from the number of cattle grids!) you get just the best views of the Famous Yorkshire Three Peaks as a panoramic vista along and slightly descending lane. With the Iconic flat topped peak of Ingleborough being the main focus. There is a lovely Garden Centre Cafe popular with Cyclists in Wray then more nice lanes to the popular tourist village of Ingleton. Our route avoids the “Bentham” Town/Villages as that B Road is busy with traffic that ends up in Lancaster/Morecombe. Then its classic Dales riding with dry stone walls and pretty hamlets and villages of Clapham and Austwick both with Pubs/Community shops. The little lane back to Settle runs the same contour of the River Ribble back to the 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe

This Ingleton / Dentdale / Ribblehead loop is Great Yorkshire Dales cycling with an iconic landmark of the area! Dry stone wall lanes with good surfaces with a mixture of roads with little traffic. The Hawes/Ribblehead road and the road back to Horton can run increased traffic than the others. Of course there will be climbing involved with the main one after leaving Ingleton but the views and wildness is special. A descent that goes on forever down towards Dent is nice but be aware it is a gated road and you may meet farm traffic – both mechanical and animal i.e Sheep. A diversion into the village of Dent can be made (although not shown on map) where there is a cafe option. Possible Pub but don’t rely on it being open. Then the first sight of a Viaduct which is on the famous Settle to Carlisle Railway line, with another relatively average climb (depends on your fitness!) Then one of the best and most impossing view of the famous table top peak of Ingleborough before you see Iconic Ribblehead Viaduct. Option for possible Tea Van here but the Pub may be open. During the high season the Station has a small visitor centre/cafe. You can walk on a hard surface (bridleway) to underneath the structure of the viaduct should you wish. Then the fast road back to Settle which is pretty much as long gradual descent for the town which has a 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe

This Slaidburn Cross O Greet Ribblehead  route goes out towards the hamlet of Rathmell which is a good flat section to get the legs warmed up and pretty much easy until you reach the Village of Slaidburn where there is a cafe before the biggest and longest climb of the day the Cross O Greet. The views make up for the long drag up on a gated road in parts, it feels wild and hope the wind direction is kind! You now will start to see all 3 of Yorkshire’s Famous Three Peaks from this direction; Pen Y Ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside. The village of Wray also with a nice cafe (s) are popular with fellow cyclist as this crosses over the Way of the Roses route. More small lanes wiggle to the village of Ingleton with more pub/cafes, this is a honeypot with tourists as the waterfalls walk starts from here. The small lane (gated) we take crosses over this walking route, and the beautiful scene of Twistleton Scar (limestone outcrops) and Dale. Then after popping onto the busier B road you then get your glimpes of the Ribblehead viaduct – on the iconic Settle to Carlisle railway line. Again there is the last stop for possible Tea Van stop or Pub (and in the summer the station is open for refeshments and a visitor centre) – Your last stretch takes you along another fast B road with the impossing view of Pen Y Ghent to aim alonside but pretty much all descending. To finish one of our 100Km Epics reward yourself in the 3 Peaks Bike Shop and Cafe.

Classic 100Km ride from the guest house, initially the first stretch leads you north on a good road with light traffic (quarry lorries) tend to be active infrequently. You get to feel the immense size of the Yorkshire Dales as the road roles out in front of you with Pen Y Ghent on your right to start, and then your first glimpse of the Ribblehead Viaduct. The other two of the Three Peaks of Ingleborough on your left with the flat top and Whenside behind the famous Settle to Carlisle railway. Then turning right you are still climbing gradually, but as you enter the district of Richmondshire its then fast (wide B-road but with good overtaking sections for cars) mainly descending until the turn off on a cute little lane through the lovely village of Hardraw (famous for a waterfall out the back of a pub) This brings you into Hawes where I suggest the stop at Stage one cycle cafe, next to the old railway line. The next section is your toughie, on trying not to divert into Wallace and Grommit’s favourite haunt of the Wensleydale Cheese Dairy and shop! The task ahead is one of the hardest climbs in the area Fleet Moss! You can see the task ahead, so there is no escaping, well worth it when you see the scenes and views.Then the amazing descent with a few undulations (of course) to Ketterwell another lovely village with a cafe and few pubs – honeypot for tourists. The next section is along the Dale and takes in Littondale to a possible stop at Katies Cuppas before the last real climb out of Halton Gill – a nice surface although a gated road you get more vistas and the back of PYG now and ignore the circit round the last village of Stainforth before you reach the town for 3 Peaks bike shop and Cafe!