King William the Fourth Inn was built on the site of another Pub in 1904 by Landlord John Wain, no relation to the cowboy! The story goes that John Wain continued to serve in one half of the new pub while the old was still being demolished on the other half of the site so service was not interrupted.

A question that we are often asked is "why the name King William IV". Until fairly recently we did not know the answer but came across an article in the book "SETTLE a historic market town. " In the 1820's there were a series of Beer Acts which deregulated public houses and the business of consuming alcohol. It was in  his reign that it was enacted which prompted a number of beer-houses to take his name. In the early decades of the twentieth century. The King William IV had to the rear of the property,  one of Settle's four breweries which was named Dutton's.

Some locals still remember drinking in The King Billy, as it was affectionately known especially in summer in the cool cellar complete with fresh water stream, and it was reputed to have sold the best pint in Settle!

For the last 25 years the building has been used as an Antique shop then in 2004 it was restored it to it’s former glory and converted it into a stylish and comfortable guest house. In 2012 Jackie and Chris bought King William the Fourth guest house and over the years continue to maintain and improve for visitors to Settle.