Fancy something different? A Dales Dip maybe?

Les is a friend of ours who, over the years has shared his passion for wild swimming on various social media platforms.

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When it’s hot (or even warm) you will get me in the River Ribble for a swim and I really do enjoy it. As they say don’t knock it until you try!

I am yet to “brave” the out of season swims!  There is growing evidence how benifical it is for the soul (recent studies have shown if may help to fend off dementia)

Having chatted to Les and other wild swimmers you can see what a positive impact it has on some peoples mental health (and of course fitness) with increased endourphins.

Les has now combined his love for this pastime, so has now qualified officially  to take both newbies and experienced wild water swimmers to  some of best river and waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales has to offer. Les is the guide for both location and safety, he does not coach or train the swims.

Whether you are a group or need a bespoke guide – one thing is for sure you will have a great time – it’s both fun and an alternative way to enjoy the Yorkshire Dales

Check out his website

for more details or on his Facebook Page and follow Instagram @thedalesdipper #yorkshiredales

You could always dip later in one of our Spa Bath’s or hot powerful showers afterwards!

Jackie @settlekingbilly

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