Spice Up your Life !

Having sampled the various options for a curry or something with a bit of spice over the years here in Settle. King Billy will give you the low down on what is on offer with regards to sit in restaurants just within a few minutes walk of the Guest House.

Firstly all these establishments are Non-Licenced that means if you want to drink beer or wine with the meal then you must take it with you – they will provide a glass and opening equipment, there is no extra charge for this.  The Thai will also need you to bring soft drinks as well, but will serve bottled tap water. Whilst the other two will gladly sell you a soft drinks.


First up the one that has recently won Regional English Curry Award 2023 this  “local community restaurant” is tucked away on between on commerical yard which is situated down the snicket/allyway off Duke Street and before you get to Ashfield Car park (if walking from the Guest House) It’s the largest of the two Indian style restaurants so is more suited for bigger groups but has the small tables too and also the box seating to make that more private feel.

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Settle Spice

Just celabrated 20 years in 2023 this spicy restaurant previously  named Royal Spice quotes to be the “Indian Aroma in the Dales” but still under the same ownership. It’s centrally located in the market square.  If you’re feeling hungry the Royal Thali is one of thier specialities and well recommended.

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This is the most recent addition to our spice options in Settle and also situated in the market square. Darlings offer a different spice variety in that they are a traditional Thai restaurant. The food is presented at the table in take away style containers arranged on a hot plate but plates and cutlery as well as chop sticks are provided as well. Whilst the food is very authentic it can be toned either down or up as to how hot you like it. The owner / host is very freindly and helpful and will assist in chosing the right dish for you if you are not sure.

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We would recommend all of them, just depends on what you like or prefer as its a personal choice!

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